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Along comes the woman. 

Light as the wind. Fierce as the fire. Enveloping as the ocean. 

Rooted in nature. 

She dances, she seduces, she is all elements at once and her heart is full of light. 

She is her own safe harbor of wisdom, she is her own deepest ocean of strength. 


She is dressed up - an understated statement. Elegant, flowing, sensual. Her clothing adores her body - skinny or curvy, tall or short, with freckles and moles - her personal map of treasures. Her garment is crafted with love and wisdom - by artisans in Brazil, who stitched nature’s power into every inch of her dress, by tailors in England, who infused centuries of craftsmanship into every stitch.  The connection with her roots, the knowledge of her feminine power, the unmistakable flowing elegance of her every move - it is her best armor. 


The ultimate sweet escape that’s always with you. 

The perfect harbor of elegance. 

The sensual strength of a woman. 

It is all COASTY.

It is all YOU.




Making sure our employers are cared for, happy and working towards the company's goals is our top priority. Coasty London provides many families the opportunity to work and evolve alongside us, gaining the recognition they deserve. We prioritise hiring local workers to make sure that we are contributing to the community that needs the incentive.



Our focus is on developing high quality pieces, which will have good durability, functionality and includes sustainable materials. We ensure we choose suppliers carefully and those with social responsibility . We do not use non-certified leather nor do we use fur, exotic animal leather and wool that is not properly certified.




Apart from consistently turning out quality products with the best materials, we advise our customers to handle these beauties with utmost care as this will make them enjoy the clothes for longer periods of time while maintaining their durability. Here are few tips to help you: You can contribute to the greater durability of your clothes, reducing environmental impacts by washing it as few times as possible. Make sure you wash your pieces by hand, at water temperatures below 30°C. Hang your clothes to dry and use vapour steam to iron. Be aware that using drying machines can damage the product. If using a cleaning company, make sure to give preference to eco-friendly places, that way you will be caring not only for your clothes but for the whole environment. You can always contact us for more information.

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